Art As Mission

The headquarters of World Horizons USA is located in and operates an art gallery in the gallery district of downtown Richmond, VA. Together with Hillside Missions Organization, we run a professional gallery. We opened Gallery Edit as an “Art as Mission” ministry. We’re a community focused on the world’s need for Christ. Art is an important part of community and worship. Right?

The purpose of Gallery Edit is:

1. To connect art, artists and lovers of art to mission.

2. To pioneer reproducible expressions of art as mission.

We understand “mission” as building Christian community among peoples without access to it. We want to see our efforts duplicated on the mission field. Interested in having your work displayed in our gallery? Contact our art team.

How do we do Art as Mission?

Here’s what it looks like so far:

1. We rented an art gallery in the Gallery District of Richmond, VA as the headquarters for our mission ministry. How many people get to say that their office is in an art gallery? We’re cool like that.

2. On the first Friday of every month, there is a popular “First Friday Art Walk” event in our neighborhood. During that event, we feature a new Christian artist who is producing art as worship or ministry. In this way, we are participating in the art community in Richmond, VA.

3. We hang a large poster of a statement from the featured artist.

4. We “advertise” with a sandwich-board sign on the sidewalk and keep the gallery open Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM.

5. In March 2015, we then reproduced this idea in an unreached people group area in South Asia. Disciples are being made through that gallery’s work already!

6. By June 2018 we will have launched 3 more art gallery teams to 3 different unreached people group areas. We’re building those teams now. Want to join us? Talk to us!

One month of art-as-mission gallery expenses for our Richmond, VA art gallery is $250. Donate here to sponsor our gallery for a month or to contribute to art as mission in South Asia.