Art as Mission

We use art galleries, art classes, and dance classes to do mission.

From Gallery Edit in our US headquarters, to a long-term gallery in the Middle East, to pop-up art galleries in five countries around the world, we’ve seen art act as a unique platform for sharing faith and connecting with communities.

Over the next five years, we plan to open art as mission galleries in South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. Through these galleries, unreached peoples will have the chance to get to know Christians, see pieces inspired by artists’ faith in Christ, and attend events and classes that enrich the local community.

Gallery Edit was our first art gallery and is housed in our US headquarters. Over the years, this gallery has connected us to the downtown community and has served as a model for art as mission galleries on the field.

Learn more about Gallery Edit in Richmond, VA, schedule a visit for your class or bible study, or submit an application to exhibit in the gallery:


We’re looking for artists, curators, and art teachers to join our gallery teams on the field.

Each art gallery requires a team to run it. Our art teams curate work for shows, coordinate outreach to the community, and work with other team members on the field to support church planting efforts. Learn more about the needs and work in each field where we use art: