Champasí is Healed and Believes


Champasí is Ravi’s uncle. Ravi works in our office. Champasí was a man devoted to Hinduism. A rich farmer with lots of land and many animals, he was soft-spoken and influential in our city.

About two years ago he became very ill. He visited all the gurus and doctors in the area, spending a fortune trying to fix a problem that nobody could solve. One day a neighbor suggested, “Maybe Jesus can heal you.”

That’s when Champasí decided to spend a few days with Ravi’s mother, a very strong believer. They prayed and fasted for 15 days and Champasí was healed!

Champasí decided to follow Jesus, and his entire family eventually began following Christ as well. Afterward, he donated a piece of land to build a church.

Today the church has about sixty people, all of whom are new believers, and the family of Mr. Champasí is a known in the region.