New Churches and Outreach to Thousands in Rural Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a country in West Africa. 55% of its population is Muslim, with 4.7 million people living in groups that do not have access to the gospel. Our team has been involved with very successful rural village outreach for years and has seen people come to Christ and churches planted in many places where there previously was no church. This outreach involves viewing the Jesus film, teaching about the bible, praying for people, and teaching and encouraging local believers and pastors. Below is an update about this village outreach and the amazing growth of churches in rural areas. Some village names are excluded for the security of missionaries and believers there.

At least four new churches have been started over the course of the year so far, with many existing churches reporting new converts attending regularly. Rural pastors are often isolated and can face great challenges in their ministry, on top of struggling simply to feed their families, so visits from our team are always a great encouragement both to them and to the local believers.

Praise the Lord with us for each of the successful week-long outreaches that have taken place so far in 2017. We thank the Lord for his provision for these, for the safety of the team and for the hundreds of people who attended the evening meetings in each place, with many responding to the message.

In one village we visited, the chief joined everyone to watch the Jesus Film one evening and brought us a gift of two chickens. It was very good to have an influential leader like the chief there.

In another village, 855 people attended meetings and 126 people responded with a desire to know Christ and learn more. In a different village, 760 people came to our meetings and 68 of them gave their lives to Christ. Lastly, in a third village, 890 people came to meetings and there were 17 new converts.

The pastor in Village T has real vision for praying for the sick and regularly organize prayer meetings. Many people come, including many Muslim women. It was so good to have the opportunity to pray for Muslim women, especially women who were seeking prayer from Christians.

In yet another village, the chief, the local imam, and other respected people in authority came to our meetings. We estimate 1000 people total came to our meetings there, encouraged by seeing their leaders present.

One lady in that village was sleeping in the church and had been unable to get up or walk, but we prayed for her over the course of two days and afterwards she got up and walked! This was a big testimony in the village.

As it was the hot season, we had to wait until after 4:00 pm each day before it cooled down enough to hold our meetings. In the small Village L, a big crowd came each night for prayer after our meetings. There were so many people that we had to wait a while before going to bed. On the day we were due to leave, it was difficult to leave because many people were coming from the surrounding villages for prayer. A child with a crippled foot was healed. Join us as we thank the Lord for that!

Please Pray with us for the ministry team, for the ministry leader and his wife who is undergoing medical treatment, for financial provision for continued village outreach, and for all the new churches and believers in rural areas around the country. We are so excited that places with no knowledge of Jesus are coming to know and have relationships with Christ.

If you are interested in working with our teams in Burkina Faso, please email If you would like to donate to the long-term ministries and short-term outreaches there, please do so here.