Dreams & Visions in the Middle East


mosque 3

This is a story from a Middle Eastern believer who came to know Christ through the outreach efforts of our team and a Middle Eastern church.

My name is Abraham. On a Tuesday in December 2009 a friend of mine who lives near the downtown area mentioned that the church near his house serves free soup on Tuesdays and he suggested that we go together. I was surprised to hear that he had been going to the church at all.

And I was immediately curious about the church, the soup, the whole thing! We walked into the church and we were greeted by a dozen smiling faces. We sat down at an already crowded table and a young man brought us bowls of lentil soup. It didn’t take long for the conversation to turn to the Bible and I began asking all of the questions that I had been saving up for years.

That day I confessed to my new friends at the church that I had been having dreams of Jesus. And in my dreams Jesus was serving me soup. Now there I was, in a church, and I knew that Jesus was serving me soup. It was a life-changing day for me.

Three weeks later I came to church on a Sunday morning with my family. After the sermon there was an opportunity to ask for prayer and I stood up with my family to say that we had decided together to follow Jesus. My wife, my two adult daughters and my two teenage sons. On Easter Sunday the whole church gathered in the home of the pastor where we were baptized one by one. Me, my wife, my two adult daughters and my two teenage sons.

Now we live in another city where there is no church and just a few believers. Pray for our family. Pray for God to show himself to more and more people in the Middle East. Pray for the church, and for the cities where there is no church.