The World Horizons France team consists of families and individuals, French nationals and ex-pats from across the world. They work alongside French churches and local associations. Their work includes reaching out to students, running Alpha courses, teaching English, children’s and youth work, prayer initiatives and other activities in the local community.


The team in Strasbourg focuses on ministering to members of the European Parliament. Team members also partner with a Christian coffee shop.


Team members in Marseilles are heavily involved with reaching out to the local Muslim community through working with Muslim women. There are short term opportunities here to work with Moms’ Groups.


Our team in Biarritz is focused on supporting the local church through children’s and youth ministries, as well as building relationships with local people through dance classes. They are also sharing their faith with the international surfing community; many from this background who had turned their back on God are beginning to return to faith.

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All long-term members joining any of our teams must complete long-term training in the US, the UK, or Venezuela prior to going to the field. Once on the field, new team members spend the first two years of their time on the field focused on language learning. During this time, new team members will also be involved with other ministries established by the long-term team. Whichever country new members join, they will focus from the beginning on befriending other Christians and getting to know non-Christians through the teams’ ministries. It’s very important for new team members to be flexible and to come as learners.

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The teams in Spain are a cosmopolitan crew with members from many backgrounds, cultures and languages united in common purpose to bless Spain and its inhabitants with the Gospel. World Horizons has teams in four different areas of Spain, totaling 23 workers. The team members here come from seven different countries and four mother tongues. Spanish is the language in which the team works, communicates, and ministers.

Few people in Spain have any real relationship with God and the minority evangelical church is weak and divided. In the last 20 years, there has been significant numerical growth in the church, but almost all of that has been among recent Latin American immigrants. At a generous estimate there are 500,000 evangelicals in a total population of 48,000,000. For historic reasons, the missionary force is concentrated in the bigger cities, leaving many small to medium sized towns with no evangelical witness. Pioneer church planting is slow work, but is this country’s great need.

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All of the teams are involved in church planting and church support ministries. In addition to church planting, one team runs a Theological Training Seminary that offers distance and weekend courses. Other teams are involved with language teaching outside their church planting ministries. They work with middle schools, high schools, and private language academies. Other teams manage Centers used by many ministries and missionaries. These Centers are in need of full time hospitality staff to manage them.

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