Faith and Persecution in Southeast Asia

This is a story about a believer one of our workers got to know in Southeast Asia.

Mr. H was the head of a tribal village, a very powerful figure. Whatever he said, people in the village followed. By the grace of God, he got to know the Lord Jesus. Seventy people in the village followed suit.

Upon learning of his conversion, the authorities tried to force him to drink rice wine. They know that Mr. H used to drink in the past, but he didn’t anymore because he says he belongs to Jesus.

He wouldn’t touch a drop.

They tied his hands behind his back and tried to use a knife to force open his mouth. Mr. H wouldn’t budge.

Finally, they hung the 75 year old upside down in his own house and knocked out all his front teeth so that they could pour wine into his mouth. He had to drink some wine, but he would not stop loving his Jesus.

After more of the same abusive treatment, though not as severe as the first time around, the authorities saw that Mr. H would not budge and decided to leave him alone. He is quite frail now, and the majority of villagers just ignore the old man. Some believers manage to keep contact with Mr. H and send some audio tapes to him.

Now Mr. H is no longer the head of the village. Many of the believers are scattered, but the majority still love Jesus.

Please pray for Mr. H and his family, who experience persecution and prejudice daily because of their love for Jesus. Please stand with them. They are our brothers and sisters.