Go Do Mission Among the Least Reached

Our internship training programs prepare people to use their skills and talents to share the gospel around the world.

World Horizons is a mission organization working to be Christian community among the nations of the world that have little or no access to the gospel. We love Jesus and so we love people. We’re making the world better in some very big ways and we’re growing. Is there a place for you with us?

We have long-term teams working in 31 different countries right now. There are open positions on many of those teams and in our US headquarters in Richmond, VA. We also have mission internships which lead to other field opportunities.

Schedule a call with us here to talk about how you can be part of reaching the nations. You can also email us here.

All of our interns and staff rely on fundraised donations to support their work. Donate to individuals or our work around the globe here.

Mission Training and Internships

World Horizons wants to offer the best possible training for cross-cultural ministry.

That means working together in partnership with other people and organizations to combine our gifts and experience in training. Hillside Missions is one of those organizations that we are proud to partner with.  Hillside administers the U.S. based component of our training program.

Training is an essential part of the mission process.  As Christians we should be committed to learning and growing as disciples as we also set out to make disciples in the nations.

We think there are at least three dimensions to good training: knowledge, experience, and character.

People need good information about the right topics to be fruitful in ministry, so our program brings together teachers from around the world to give input on a number of vital topics.  But knowledge alone isn’t enough.

We need good experiences of serving with structured input and evaluation to be able to put our knowledge into practice, so our training program includes plenty of practical ministry opportunities and opportunities for cross-cultural placements.  And even knowledge and experience together aren’t enough to make a good missionary.

Character formation is a key to building fruitful missionaries, so we try to provide an environment where people can grow in character and mature as godly men and women.  Community is the right context for this kind of growth, and learning to live out disciplines like forgiveness, reconciliation, and sharing are essential skills for ministry, so we place a high priority on building strong relationships and serving together as a team.  We also provide solid mentoring relationships for the people in our training program so that they can have the kind of critical input and encouragement that are necessary for deep growth.

The path to long-term mission service on the field with World Horizons is through one of our training programs.