God Is Moving Among Doctors In Turkey


I want to introduce you to my friend B, and tell you her story. She and her husband are both doctors and have two young children. I met her three weeks ago when a friend in our church asked if I would go to him to a nearby city (about 2 hours away) to pray with a lady who wanted to become a believer. He wanted me to go so that I could then disciple her and do the baptism classes, which are foundational classes about Christianity. I said yes, and then proceeded to freak out for the next two days about my Turkish, etc.

We went and started by meeting up for lunch. B’s husband came along to meet us as well, though he didn’t have the same level of interest his wife did. We chatted for a little while and she told me some of her story. She had so many questions; Islam didn’t make sense to her, and no one could giver her any answers. She had begun to research other religions, including.

When she was searching through Google, our church came up. It is actually the nearest church by some distance, even though we are a 2 hour drive away. She ‘accidentally’ phoned the number for the church, which rang through to our friend. After that, she phoned him up several times asking many questions, read through the New Testament and said that it just made sense, and she wanted to become a Christian. I had the overwhelming privilege to pray with her as she accepted Jesus as her Savior.

After we prayed she said to me “I read about the Holy Spirit, and had no idea how I would know if it was real, but I feel it! I feel it now! I know it’s real.”

We have now had two lessons on Skype, and she texts me most days with questions or comments. She is hungry and desperate to learn, she is full of questions but she is also being led by the Holy Spirit to find the answers. Sometimes she messages me and before I get a change to message her back she has found the answer from the Bible. It is an immense privilege to get to know her and walk with her though this.

We are also going back to the city tomorrow to meet with her husband and some other people who are interested in hearing more about the gospel – this is super exciting, God seems to be doing something there, especially among the doctors!

Pray for B as she is learning, that she will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit and her relationship will deepen. Pray for B’s husband. He is also disillusioned by Islam and has a lot of the same questions she had, he is definitely soft and open. Pray for us, my relationship with her, that my Turkish will be enough (I constantly feel inadequate in this department)! And for my husband and I as a couple to be able to build a friendship with them.

-A. R.