Following God’s Call as a Spanish Teacher in South Asia

Below is an interview with L.N., one of our long-term missionaries in South Asia. L.N. did the long-term training with us in the US before moving to join a team. 

Where are you from and where are you living now?

I am originally from Mexico, now working in South Asia.

Have you always worked where you are now, or have you worked other places as well?

29 years ago I worked in a different city in this same country for 6 months. I was doing church planting work with people from my home church in Mexico.

What drew you to mission work?

At first I was drawn by a deep satisfaction in my heart. I didn’t want to see life as just earning and spending money, I felt there should be something else. I was a new believer working a  regular job. I felt that this wasn’t right. I went with couple from my church to South Asia  for 6 months. While I was there I was searching for something greater. Those 6 months changed my life.

What vocational skills are you using as part of your mission work and how did you develop those skills?

I am a Spanish teacher here, I got a bachelor’s in Mexico and my master’s in the US.

What obstacles did you feel you faced going into mission and how did you overcome them?

My home church was not missional, that was hard for me. They said “We as a church cannot send you. God has called us for just Guadalajara.” Later on the Church changed their hearts and said we are all called to the world. Now they are one of my main financial supporters.

God is the one that makes things real. The key is to keep persevering, keep believing, don’t lose heart. So many things wanted my time and my trust, even marriage. More than once I had to say “I can’t date you because I’m going to South Asia.”

What advice would you give to people considering mission work?

Don’t go into debt, it will hold you back.

We all have fears, what if this happens, what if that happens? Every one of your fears about coming to the mission field, every one is fake. When you face them, you face the fact that God is real. All those fears are banished. I dare you to do it. I don’t want to live my life any other way than this. You don’t feel alone or strange, He gives you the grace to be what he calls you to be.

Having a career is important. You have to offer something to the country where you will work. To Latins specifically, I would say study English. It’s never a waste of time.

Don’t let anything or anybody be more important than the call God has for us. He’s more than worthy. More than faithful.