Our History


World Horizons began in the prayers of a man named Rowland Evans, living in the South Wales town of Llanelli in the 1970s. However we have always understood our roots go back to the prayers for world evangelization prayed during the Welsh revival of 1904. Llanelli, the UK base for World Horizons, was a center for that revival.

Our roots may go back even further, to the Celtic monks, many of whom traveled from Wales to take the gospel into an unreached world many centuries ago.

A youth discipleship work and a ministry based around outdoor camping activities developed into a community of young people committed to world evangelism. Outreaches into France and Spain led to the establishment of permanent church-planting works in those nations.

As teams were established in Europe our prayers began to turn toward the vast unreached Muslim lands. Exploratory prayer trips were followed by the placement of long-term teams in parts of North Africa, West Africa and the Middle East. Further ventures led us into Asia.

During the 1990s our recruiting efforts moved into Latin America, Germany and the United States. During the early years of the 21st century our focus has also turned to assisting the growth of new mission movements in the developing world.