Leading People To Christ Through Community


This is a story of community living.  I met ‘M’ working at a cultural center in Ankara Turkey.  He was a Turkish University student studying Korean and would frequent the center to study.  We would talk about life in general, including spiritual matters.  One day we were talking about a spiritual matter that I could not communicate with my level of Turkish or his level of English.  So I suggested he go to our Soup Day at a local church and speak with our team leader, who had both excellent Turkish and  spiritual understanding.

‘M’ then began frequenting both the center and  Soup Day where he was finding answers to his spiritual questions.  He became involved with helping at the center as well as soup day and a weekly evening outreach.  In fact, his parents gave finance toward helping fund the outreach!  

One evening while  returning from the outreach he was in the back of my van talking  to a team member, who had been spending time with him during the week, when he asked, “How do you become a Christian?.”  

That team member then led him to Jesus.

I love telling this  story, not just because it is  a story of someone finding Jesus, but it is a story of a community of people leading someone to Christ.  Did I lead him to the Lord, did our team leader  at Soup Day, did our team member at the outreach?  

Although a particular team member was the one who spent more time and built a relationship that is still there today and was able to walk ‘M’ through the beginning of knowing the Lord, the rest of us contributed to ‘M’ beginning his journey with his Savior, Jesus Christ.  So when someone says, “I’m not very good at leading someone to Christ”, please remind them that God uses all of us in community to share Himself and lead someone to begin their journey with Christ.  Just be faithful where you are for Him.

-T. P.