A New Life of Love

This story comes from one of our long-term workers in Southeast Asia.

Everyone in the village feared Mrs. T and her mob.

If she disliked anyone, if anyone got in her way at all, she would attempt to be diplomatic for a maximum of about 20 seconds. Once that time was up, Mrs. T would chase her ‘opponent’ with a huge machete, which she would use to hit her ‘target’ quite a few times.

I never found out how she came to accept the Lord, but she did, and I fully respect the one who had dared to witness to her!

Once she became a believer, Mrs. T refused to worship at the family altar for Chinese New Year. This upset her family a great deal and they all, including her own husband, tied her up and beat her. She had black and blue bruises all over her body and her whole face had swollen beyond recognition.

Shockingly, when this happened, she uttered no curses. Not even a single scream came out of her, only lonely tears. Two weeks later, when all the bruises had gone down and she had recovered, she went to see everyone who had beaten her. She told them that she forgave them and that she loved them very much.

Because this type of forgiving behavior was not normal for Mrs. T, her sister-in-law began asking what had given her such strength and such love. How could this be?

Can you spare a few minutes to pray for such a humble warrior and her family?