We're using medicine as mission among unreached peoples.

Meeting urgent medical needs and providing health education is a tangible way to show God’s love around the world. Through short-term relief trips and long-term placements in hospitals and clinics, medical professionals are working with us to help people around the world know Christ.

Upcoming short-term trips

The Middle East

From October 2nd to 16th, World Horizons USA will be taking a medical trip to the Midde East. We have partnered with our team there to facilitate clinic and mobile access to healthcare for the local people that will be camping outside of the city where our team lives. The team will begin the trip in the north, for some training and a tour of a local medical treatment facility, and will spend the remainder of the time serving in the south. 

There is opportunity for any health professional with a current and active license to participate on this trip, and some particular needs that we are hoping to fill are: dentists or dental assistants, pediatricians or pediatric nurses, and those with community or public health education experience. 

The goals of this trip are to provide healthcare access to an underserved and unreached people group in the Middle East. The team there has been praying for opportunity to establish relationship with this group, and we hope to begin building that by this trip through healthcare and education. 

Please join us (if you have a medical license), pray for us (as we work on tedious logistics), or support us financially. We will need to purchase medical supplies in country and bring educational materials with us. 

Central Asia
The first two weeks of May 2019, World Horizons USA will be taking a team of medical professionals to Central Asia. We will be partnering with an organization dedicated to rescuing women who have been victims of domestic abuse or sex trafficking. This organization houses, trains and rehabilitates these women, who would otherwise struggle to survive in a male dominated culture. We will spend two weeks hanging out with these women, teaching a reproductive curriculum, and performing well-woman visits and exams. We are looking for healthcare professionals to join this team who are passionate about women's health.

Beyond short-term work, we’re looking for physicians, physicians assistants, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, and nurse practitioners to work with teams in Brazil, Central Asia, the Middle East, the UK, the USA, and West Africa.