Navigate- Using Adventure for Mission

In Wales, World Horizons UK has created a fun program working with youth. The team there has a heart for adventure and has found a way to incorporate that into mission.

Their ministry,  Navigate, centers around outdoor activities and aims to get youth away from a normal way of life so they can work through outdoor challenges together. In those settings, youth often become much more open. These challenges present opportunities for team members and youth to share with each other about who they are, their faith, and their views on God.

Camps last from two days up to a week and all include various outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, parasailing, kayaking, and surfing. These activities are often unfamiliar to kids and offer opportunities for them to learn to grow, overcome, and move forward. This mentality speaks to the goals of the team itself.

Navigate offers training opportunities not only for youth but also for all of the missions training programs hosted by World Horizons in the UK. One of the trainings they offer is called Development Training. The Navigate team intentionally puts World Horizons UK trainees under a lot of pressure during a series of outdoor challenges, which force the groups to make quick, essential decisions together. The hope is for these trainees to be prepared to make fast decisions as a team on the mission field as well.

The team leader of Navigate urges the staff to constantly push themselves as well. They are required to work on projects where they research what they can add to the team and later they review these as a group and envision implementing them. Each week, they take time to cast vision for the next seven days. For the team, it’s a creatively satisfying process.

The team leader is also working on growing his personal skills. Currently, he is working towards getting higher levels of climbing certification. He has one more level left for summer climbing, and then will move onto winter certifications.