North Africa



Over 117 million people live in North Africa, as World Horizons defines the region. Over 115 million of them, living in approximately 174 people groups, have no access to the Gospel. Many of the people groups, in fact, are over 99% Muslim.

World Horizons has teams working in four different countries in North Africa doing ministry work among a number of people groups. We have had successful ministries in this region for decades and are currently using business as mission, hospitality, and evangelism to do ministry all with the goal of establishing churches among every people group in the area.

Our teams use business as mission to do ministry in a number of locations and are planning to start an art as mission gallery within the next couple years. The businesses we run range from adventure tourism, to sailing, to design, to handcrafted goods. One team runs a Center that serves as both a House of Prayer and a place where overseas visitors can come to develop a vision for work among local people groups.

Open Positions

Center Administrator

Sailors and sailing instructors

Mountaineering Guide

Business people and Entrepreneurs

Church Planters and Evangelists

-Art Gallery Curators and Assistants

Joining a Long-Term Team

Long-term workers need to be able to speak, or must learn to speak, French to European standard B1 or higher. This usually means at least a year of study if little or no French is spoken. New team members will then need to learn to speak one of the dialects of Arabic. New team members will attend language school or will be trained in using language helpers and through involvement with the local community. All long-term members joining any of our teams must complete long-term training in the US, the UK, or Venezuela prior to going to the field.

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Each team and every missionary in our organization relies on fundraised support. Donate to support the ministries or missionaries in North Africa.