A Recent Prayer Trip from North to South Across Europe


The aim was to pray on the northern and southern edges of Europe after praying west to east two years ago. Many trains, buses, planes and one hire car; very special meetings with other Christians; and trying to listen to God’s voice and pray his heart for Europe made this trip an incredibly memorable experience.

I got to the North Cape at the top of Norway, and by God’s clever arrangement I was there with a Norwegian couple who are prayer leaders. They were so hospitable. We went to the Cape twice and on the second day had a very special moment.

The sun was shining down from above, but the fog from the sea had come up around us, so we were in a cloud full of light, which was like God’s presence in the Bible. In that moment it was great to worship and pray God’s love for all of Europe to the south.

Then, three weeks later, I was at the southern point of Sicily with my Italian-speaking colleague Steve, and we prayed northwards for all of Europe. Various words from different sources all came back to me: “Jesus is in Europe!”, “The church in Europe is alive!”, and “You’re not finished with us yet!”

Looking at the waves crashing on the Mediterranean shore, I felt that God’s purposes are like a tidal wave on its way. When far out to sea it is hardly noticeable, just a long slow wave, but unstoppable and moving relentlessly. Only when it hits the shallow water and the land does it become visible.

A natural tidal wave can have terrible consequences, but the wave of God’s purposes will sweep millions into his kingdom. Amen!

I am convinced that Jesus will shame humanism and atheism in Europe by robbing these two fakes of millions of souls.

He will rebuild his European bride to be beautiful again before he returns.