Refugee Care

The Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS have cast a much-needed spotlight on the worsening global refugee crisis, prompting a global conversation.

We, as World Horizons USA, have committed to serving our brothers and sisters displaced by violence, extremism, and famine.

As a missions organization supplying workers to the field, we are uniquely positioned to provide critical support to the more than 11,000,000 Iraqi and Syrians seeking refuge across the Middle East and Europe. Homeless, jobless, and in some cases deprived of loved ones, refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict and ISIS face serious physical, psychological, and spiritual needs.

Working with partner organizations in target cities, we support aid programs specifically designed to respond holistically to refugees’ needs by providing food, clothing, medical care, childcare, and education. We are also actively reaching out to and helping to care for refugees in Richmond, Virginia.

But we need your help!

In order to meet the refugees’ needs across the region, we are in desperate need of medical professionals, counselors, web developers, coders, and support staff to join our teams overseas. We are also in need of financial support for refugee ministries in the Middle East and the United States.

Support Our Work With Refugees

If you would like to donate, please go here. $10 can feed a refugee family in the Middle East for a week. $1,050 provides a month of job skill training for dozens of refugees in Richmond, VA. Our ministries function thanks to regular, faithful donations. We are incredibly grateful for any amount you are able to give.

If you’re a technical professional or student interested caring for refugee communities and planting churches among the unreached, we would love to speak with you about available service opportunities.

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to provide us an opportunity to get in touch to speak with you in greater depth about the crisis, our response programs, and your potential contribution to this invaluable work.

Get Involved

We’ve made this resource just for you. Get in touch with resettlement agencies, volunteer in your community, and offer financial support to care for refugees well and love your neighbor.

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