Send Your Art on a Mission Trip

Art galleries create wonderful, unique connection points with communities. In many places, we are using art galleries used as fruitful venues for discipleship among the least-reached.

This September, we will travel to help one of our long-term teams in the Middle East start an art as mission gallery. We will bring work for the first show and you are invited to send your art on a mission trip to the Middle East. This show will explore the question “Who is my neighbor?” and the pieces will provide platforms to talk with Muslims about who we love as Christians, why we love them, what love for your neighbor looks like, and what kind of God we serve.

If you would like to submit a piece for the exhibition, please fill out the form below. Please contact with any questions.

Submit Your Art

Please send a jpeg image of your work, no bigger than 5 MB, to for consideration within 24 hours of completing this form.