Talking and Teaching at Temples

L. is originally from Mexico and has lived as a missionary in South Asia for the past two years, where she teaches at a language school. Below she shares about her friendship with one student and how language teaching has allowed her to share about her faith. Names have been changed.

As a language teacher in South Asia, I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach a conversation class in English for one of our intermediate students. Her name is Rachel and she is the wife of the owner of one of the biggest, most famous temples in the city where I live. There are 28 different idols in this temple. Rachel and her husband live on top of it and I have been invited to her house for tea twice.

In one of our conversation classes, we started to talk about meditation. Rachel asked me if I use meditation as a daily practice to stay peaceful. Because of this question, I had the wonderful opportunity to share with her about my relationship with Jesus. I told here that my faith in Jesus is what gives me true peace and purpose in my life. In the midst of this conversation class, it was so great that I could share the message of the Gospel with Rachel!

After that class, we have begun to talk regularly about different aspects of my faith and my God. I am very grateful that Rachel came to the language school I work to learn English and I’m sure that God has greater purposes for her studies with us.  


South Asia