A Young Man in France


I was living in the warm and sunny land of Marseille, France. One morning in prayer I felt God speak to me with unusual clarity that I was going to meet someone ‘significant’ that day.

As I began my day, I was on the lookout for who that person might be. On the bus that morning I heard a woman mutter something to herself in English – not something I commonly heard in that part of the city. I introduced myself and it turned out she was American.

I thought I had found the person I was looking for. As we talked she told me that that very evening she would be meeting a handful of local Americans at a pub and invited me to come along. At the pub I met other Americans who lived in the city. But when one young man walked in and sat across from me, I knew that he was the one I was supposed to meet.

We began to talk and I immediately noticed his thick accent. It turned out he was from the Middle East and had just come along to practice his English. He was intrigued by what I did and we quickly starting discussing faith.

After that night we met up a few times and eventually he came with me to our small church. He ended up committing his life to Christ and got baptised. He became a great friend over my years there.

J. J.