None Are Too Young

South Asia mountains

This is a story from a long-term Brazilian member of our South Asia field.

The girl finally understood my wild gestures and ran to her tiny home next door to fetch an umbrella. I’d only been in South Asia a week and, feeling rather lonely, I’d gone down to the local shop. It was monsoon season and as I was about to leave, the rain started falling like a heavy curtain. The young girl, Jyoti, opened the umbrella and shepherded me home.

I had not been there long, arriving with many other Brazilians, and I was working in the foothills of beautiful mountains, a very green and beautiful area which could be cold. The evening before our leader had encouraged the group to pray that God would enable us to meet a person who would become a Christian through us, so I was glad to have made a new friend.

The following day as I walked past Jyoti’s house, I met her elder sister. She invited me in to meet the family. Her mother and grandmother lived in the one-roomed house with her and Jyoti. I wondered if this older girl was the person I’d been praying for – Jyoti seemed far too young!

I started to visit this welcoming household daily. These Hindu women were going through a difficult family crisis and they welcomed my support. A deep friendship grew with the family over the next few years. One day an animated, now teenaged, Jyoti phoned me.

She had become convinced that there was no other God besides Jesus and wanted to follow Him! What should she do? I was so excited that God had answered my prayer and shown me the right person all those years ago.

We started a weekly Bible study together in her home and after a while her family joined in. They also gave their lives to Jesus and soon started inviting other female relatives to come. More local women joined us and soon we had a regular group squashed so tightly into the small room that the children who came with them were taught elsewhere.

This work among the women and children grew over the next four years and most of the people who came gave their life to Jesus. As the children’s understanding grew, they too became Christians. Jyoti herself went on to do mission training.

Who could have known that God’s answer to my prayer would have brought so many people to Jesus?

-L. A.