Church Planting

In every field we work in, we focus on planting churches so that people who haven’t had the chance to hear about Jesus can have the opportunity to know Him.

Churches look different in each city and country. In some places, churches start from small bible studies, in others we begin with partnerships with other church communities, and in some cities a church forms around just a couple believers. Some churches meet in homes, others in church buildings. Many communities meet on Sunday mornings, but many meet other days of the week as well.

The ultimate goal in all of our church planting work is not only to help people know Christ, but also to disciple local believers so that they can support indigenous church planting movements someday. We believe that each church in each culture should be a unique expression of worship to God and it’s good that church in Burkina Faso looks different than it does in the United States.

Cross-cultural church planting is a big job, so we require all of our missionaries to complete a long-term training program before they head to the field. Explore all of our training programs below: