Pioneer Training Initiative based in Wales, UK

Are you looking for preparation of the life of a pioneer in mission? - Check out the Pioneer Training Initiative in Wales!

Despite two thousand years of the mission of the church there are still remote places that are among the least-reached by the Good News of Jesus. Participants in the Pioneer Training Initiative will:

  • Live in Community: Team members live and travel together for nine months of formation. Whether at the training base, out on an adventure, or traveling to a ministry location, time spent together builds team and shapes life.
  • Grow with God: A rhythm of spiritual life, regular worship, prayer and study of the scriptures help prepare for service and create opportunity to hear where the Lord wants His pioneer to serve.
  • Gain Practical Skills: Team members learn practical skills that will help in a pioneer setting. Basic construction, mechanical, medical and survival skills can all help the pioneer be successful in remote locations. A language acquisition course will help the participant understand how they best learn language, and give them basic insights into how to begin the task of language learning in a new culture.
  • Learn about the Mission of God: Study of the Scriptures, the History of Christian Mission and preparation in the spiritual tools for pioneer ministry will equip for ministry.
  • Serve Alongside Experienced Mission Team Members: Whether out on the streets of a European city among the secular majority or people of other faiths, or with a team using agricultural or business skills to serve a local community, participants will serve alongside experienced pioneers.

The Pioneer Training Initiative begins with nine months of community living based at World Horizons' training center in Wales, UK. This season will include travel to other towns and beyond the UK to Europe and the Middle East.

The Initiative then continues with team members committing to go together to pioneer a new ministry location over the following two years. Our expectation is that participants grow into the life of a pioneer, serving to see a community introduced to the Kingdom of God.