South Asia

Our teams in South Asia are using business, education, and art to plant churches.

South Asia is home to a vast number of people groups, with 1.2 billion unreached individuals. Only 2.1% of people here are professing Christians. This region is home to the majority of the world’s Hindus, as well as large Muslim and Buddhist populations. Despite the fact that Christians are a small minority, churches are growing and multiplying around the region.

Our Ministries in South Asia

World Horizons has worked in South Asia for more than a decade. Our ministries there span multiple cities and all of our teams are based in urban areas, with regular outreach to more rural areas. Ministries range from church planting, to business as mission, to art, to teaching. The teams own two thriving language schools where students can learn English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Hindi.

One of our teams also runs an art gallery and ballet school, which have become an extremely important connections to the community in a city where it’s rare to find an art gallery and there is a growing interest in dance.

Beyond that, the teams use sports ministries, youth education, and short-term trips to do ministry and support outreach and church-planting efforts.

Open Positions 

Join Our South Asia Team

All long-term members joining any of our teams must complete long-term training in the US, the UK, or Venezuela prior to going to the field. Once on the field, new team members spend the first two years of their time on the field focused on language learning. During this time, new team members will also be involved with other ministries established by the long-term team. Whichever country new members join, they will focus from the beginning on befriending other Christians and getting to know non-Christians through the teams’ ministries. It’s very important for new team members to be flexible and to come as learners.

Below are some open positions we have in South Asia. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, please contact