Engaging Churches

What does it mean to be church?

From its earliest days World Horizons’ community has been engaging churches as a part of The Church, the global body of Christ. Whether the church with which you are most familiar is a long-established community recognized by a name or a building in the neighborhood, or a new community endeavoring to be a fresh expression of the hands and voice of Jesus we want to get to know you.

The city of Antakya in modern Turkey was once know as Antioch. It was in that city that the followers of Jesus were first described as Christians. From that first Christian community Paul and Barnabas, the earliest cross-cultural missionaries were sent out. (Acts 11:26 & 13:3). We believe that part of God’s purpose in establishing churches around the globe is to enable Jesus’ followers to go out cross-culturally from within many cultures to share Good News and give glory to Him for His creation.


Those who serve with us all have an experience of church. Many have been sent by their home community, with prayer, and sometimes financial support. Others have previously served in a local church or interacted with many different communities of Jesus’ followers. We firmly believe that local churches help make us better ambassadors of good news in the nations.

Then there are churches that partner with us. We love to assist churches that are rooted in a geographic community to gain an experience of what God is doing in places beyond, and in places that are culturally and linguistically different. Local churches send teams to work with our staff as they share the love of Jesus in practical and personal ways. Local churches host traveling teams that share stories, join in prayer and partner with the community.

There are also churches that have been brought into being through the work of World Horizons’ team members. In places such as West Africa, the Middle East, Spain, and France, and even close to our original community in South Wales, UK, communities of prayer and worship have been established. Along with those who went out from Antioch, it is our desire that a local community of God’s people be available to all wherever they live.

If your community would like to partner with us please let us know.