The Middle East

Our teams in the Middle East are caring for refugees, starting art galleries, training new believers for ministry, starting businesses, doing medical outreach, and planting churches. 

More Muslims have come to faith in Christ in the past 25 years than at any other time in history, despite the persecution that many converts experience. Countries where we work in the Middle East range from 87% to 99% Muslim. These nations contain a diversity of cultures, languages, and people groups.

Our Ministries in the Middle East

World Horizons has teams in five countries in the Middle East, ranging from large cities to more rural areas.

Our teams across the region have a wide variety of emphasis ranging from ministry to refugees to business initiatives, pioneer church planting to medical and art initiatives.

We welcome business people, medical professionals and therapists, artists, agricultural specialists and adventurers to join us in outreach to some of those most neglected by the church.

Our priorities include the discipleship and training of national believers, and support to the emerging churches in the region.

Ways to Serve

Join Our Teams in the Middle East

The teams in this field regularly receive interns, skill-share participants, and gap year participants. The internship program includes attending language school, living with team members, attending local churches, getting to know ministry training students, and participating in regular ministries, and using individual skills (ex: programming) to help with various projects.

All long-term members joining any of our teams must complete long-term training in the US or UK prior to going to the field. Once on the field, new team members spend the first two years of their time on the field focused on language learning. During this time, new team members will also be involved with other ministries established by the long-term team. Whichever country new members join, they will focus from the beginning on befriending other Christians and getting to know non-Christians through the teams’ ministries. It’s very important for new team members to be flexible and to come as learners.

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