South America

Our teams in South America focus on mobilization, mission training, member care for missionaries on the field, and church-planting in remote areas.

South America has a rich history of church community. 95% of the continent’s people groups, 99.9% of the population, live in an area with access to the gospel. Christianity is by far the largest religion, with 91% of the continent’s population identifying as Christian.

Our Ministries in South America

We have teams working in Venezuela, Brazil, and Paraguay. All of our South American teams are primarily focused on mission training and mobilization.

The training program in Venezuela was developed ten years ago in order to prepare Venezuelans for long-term ministry among the nations. Participants in this training program complete 14 months of ministry training, involving formal classes and outreach to peoples in neighboring countries, followed by a two year placement among an unreached people group. After the two years on the field, workers can choose to continue serving long-term. Anyone who wants to go through this training program prior to serving on the field must be fluent in Spanish.

Our Venezuelan team also runs a church-planting ministry among unreached indigenous peoples.

World Horizons has had a presence in Brazil for decades, running a variety of training and mobilization programs. Currently our Brazil team focuses on member care for South American workers on the field, fundraising, and mobilization among Brazilians. Similarly, in Paraguay the team is focused on member care and mobilization.

Ways to Serve

Join Our Teams in South America

All of our South American teams use Spanish or Portuguese as their team languages. Depending on which team you are interested in joining, either fluent Spanish or Portuguese is a requirement. All long-term workers must complete training at one of World Horizons’ training locations before joining a team.

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