Equipping Workers

Moving between cultures, countries, languages and ways of living can be challenging to navigate.

Preparing our workers thoroughly for a successful cross-cultural life in ministry is extremely vital. We want them to thrive wherever they are sent, and not just be in survival mode on the mission field.

We share with each one of our new workers from all of our experiences so that one day they too can pass on their knowledge to the next generation. We equip them spiritually, mentally, and physically so that each worker can be all that God has called them to be. The world is changing fast and so alongside our initial training programs we adopt principles of life-long learning, to increase our knowledge and gain wisdom and skills throughout our walk with God.

Our desire is to have inter-generational and multicultural teams across our movement, and this begins at the training and preparation phase. We love to train and prepare people alongside others from different backgrounds and cultures and our training often takes place outside of a person's country of origin.


We realized it's much easier to engage with learning about different cultures whilst living in another culture than it is just trying to learn the theory. As beneficial as good theory is, in our experience it can't match the learning opportunities that practical application can offer. This is why our way of equipping workers often looks more like discipleship than classroom-based teaching.

Here are some testimonies from people who have gone through our training recently:

"The program hinged around not just the places we went to but our teachers. These are people who have already practiced what they preach, they’ve got the t-shirt. Not only have they done it, but they are still doing it today!" - Ryan

"World Horizons' training program is something that I dreamt about for a long time. It was a long-awaited answer to many prayers. During the training, I experienced some of the most challenging things I have ever done physically, mentally, and emotionally. However, I would not change a single thing. I grew more than I ever thought I could in just nine months. I wish more people had the opportunity to experience this training." - Hannah

"World Horizons' training develops you into a human Swiss army knife, so you have a tool ready for every single situation.’’ - Josh

In September 2023 our next two training programs will commence. The first is the Let's Go! Asia Mobile Training and the second is our Asia Minor Training in the Eastern Mediterranean. Both these trainings are designed to prepare you for long-term fruitful ministry. If you'd like to learn more about either of these initiatives please get in touch through the contact form below.