About Us

World Horizons is an international community of Christians that exists because vast numbers of the world have yet to hear about
Jesus in a way that they can understand.

We’re engaged in a wide variety of ministries because we are committed to making disciples among those who have had the least opportunity to know the gospel of Christ. We recruit, train, send, and support workers for mission in ministries that include church planting, business as mission, art as mission, schools and education, refugee outreach, and internships.

We do mission in response to our love for our neighbors and Christ’s great commission to take the gospel into all the nations. The focus of our activities is upon ‘church-neglected’ parts of the world, places where there are no churches, or very few Christians. In many of these places, the average person likely has never been inside a church, read the bible, or had a close relationship with a Christian. Broadly speaking these are Southern Europe, North Africa, West Africa, The Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Currently, World Horizons has more than 400 people from over 30 countries serving in nearly 40 nations. We are non-denominational and have members of many different churches serving with us.

If you're interested in supporting our work, you can make a donation to a specific ministry or individual on our donate page. A few times each year, we also take short-term international trips for the benefit of our long-term teams. Visit our short-term trip page or email info@worldhorizonsusa.org to learn more.

Where We Work

Learn More & Get Involved

We're always looking for staff to join our teams on the field as well as in our sending base in Richmond, VA. Below you can sign up for our newsletter to learn about upcoming trips and events, browse our open positions to see what sort of work we're involved in around the world, or apply for one of our training programs to apply for ministry in places in the world without access to the gospel. You can contact info@worldhorizonsusa.org with any questions.