Empowering Entrepreneurs

Business as mission is opening doors for ministry among working professionals across the globe.

In the mid-2000s a young couple asked World Horizons if they could join the team and travel in Central Asia. Their goal was to discover where God wanted them to settle and start a business. A year later they determined where they should put down roots. A year after that they started a small business. Fifteen years later the fast-food business they started has grown to multiple locations, employing over 100 people and contributes to the wider work of Christian witness in their city.

World Horizons has been doing business for more than thirty years. At various times, providing coaching, investment, and other services numerous businesses in different part of the world have been established, proving that business is a means of access to otherwise closed areas of the world. Language Schools, Coffee Houses, Adventure and Tourism Companies, and Local Craft Trades have all featured on the business listing.


In 2006 a division for Business as Mission was established. The team have assisted many entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into realities that employ local people, invest in community development, build indigenous wealth, strengthen the local church, and introduce Kingdom values to the local business community.

If you have always wanted to start your own business; if you have an entrepreneurial mind and are willing to act on your own initiative; if you’ve always wanted to travel and invest in another part of the world, then we want to hear from you. We invite you to join with us and become part of a global movement of entrepreneurs who are using their business skills to build the Kingdom of God in the nations.

World Horizons has it's own Business Community Hub where you can get all of our business news, training and support. If you'd like to join this network, please send us a message in the contact form below.