Encouraging the Arts

Festivals * Galleries * Exhibitions * Workshops * Poetry * Song * Dance * Music * Creative Prayer * Prophetic Art * Community gardens * Inspiring friendships

The above are just some of the things which have sprung up and flourished from our World Horizons Creative Arts community in the past few years. From many seedlings prayed over and watered – even with tears – creativity is alive and thriving bringing joy and beauty, hope and freedom to many lives within and beyond this community. 

Throughout our 40 years of international ministry, creative expression has been integral to who we are as World Horizons. It helps shape us and how we share the love and invitation of Jesus among diverse peoples and cultures. Today we recognise a global move of the Spirit through the Arts and want to join in with what God is doing! As we continue together on this exciting learning adventure, we welcome people of all cultural backgrounds, encouraging everyone to recognise their own creative identity and contribute to this colorful tapestry.

When the 2020-21 lock-downs limited global travel and meeting face-to-face, we experienced amazing organic growth through online Spirit-led connections. From just a small core group of creatives, relationships developed right across our international community and out over the edges. A new arts community was ‘WOVEN’ together.


‘WOVEN’ has become a welcoming and inclusive ‘safe space’. A supportive environment where friendship is deepened, and creative ideas, prayers, dreams and projects are shared. Where gifting is called out, confidence built and opportunities for collaboration found.

One prophetic picture we received is of a brilliantly sparkling diamond – a multi-faceted gem reflecting light from many angles. It spoke of a diverse yet gathered creative community with each facet expressing God’s beauty and glory in a different way. The diamond’s sharpened edges and polish spoke of our accountability to Christ and each other and how His Spirit hones each individual and gifting to portray Him more beautifully.

The Arts impact our senses and souls. They carry the grace and power to challenge our worldview, to express beauty, bring comfort, soothe pain, be a voice for justice and a light to the oppressed. The Arts gather strangers, inspire hope, aid reconciliation and healing.

Artists are a prophetic voice for the Body of Christ and for its mission in the world.

Have you wondered how God could use your creativity to bless other peoples and cultures? Your artistic talent could be a tiny but significant catalyst to help transform a life, a community, even a nation for good!

Whether you are a cook or a candle-maker, a gardener, graphic designer, glassblower, florist, photographer, baker, filmmaker, batik artist, ballroom dancer, trumpeter or poet, you and your gifting are special and valued and have a place in God’s heart and Kingdom plan!

World Horizons values every creative individual and their God-given gifting, however niche.

Connect with us if you would like to find out more about the Creative Arts in World Horizons.