Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is home to more than 1,800 people groups, 39% of which are unreached. That amounts to roughly 328 million people who do not have access to the Gospel. The primary religions among unreached peoples in this region are Buddhism and Islam.

Our Southeast Asia teams work in three different countries, with a vision to establish teams in four nearby countries as well. All of our teams are cross-cultural groups composed of people from diverse cultures and nationalities, and all our teams in this region use English as their team language.

In both urban and rural areas, our teams focus on discipleship, church-planting, sports ministries, business as mission, job skill training, youth ministry, education, and outreach to the poor. These ministries are growing and we are looking for people to join our teams here.

Open Positions

Language Teachers

Pastors and Mentors

School Teachers

Graphic Designers and Media Production Professionals

Sports Coaches for Soccer, Badminton, or Basketball

Entrepreneurs and Job Skill Training Professionals


Healthcare Professionals

Administrative Professionals

Joining a Team Long-Term

All long-term members joining any of our teams must complete long-term training in the US, the UK, or Venezuela prior to going to the field. Once on the field, new team members spend the first two years of their time on the field focused on language learning. During this time, new team members will also be involved with other ministries established by the long-term team. Whichever country new members join, they will focus from the beginning on befriending other Christians and getting to know non-Christians through the teams’ ministries. It’s very important for new team members to be flexible and to come as learners.

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Each team and every missionary in our organization relies on fundraised support. Donate to support the ministries or missionaries in Southeast Asia.