A New Believer in South Asia

I met Anu in February in a shop. We became friends right away. For the next few months we were exchanging text messages until one day “by chance” we met in the market near my house. It turned out that she lives in the same neighborhood as me. She started coming to my house on Sunday afternoons to hang out. One day I mentioned that my roommate and I exercise everyday early in the morning and she decided to start coming and exercise with us. It is so fun that my house becomes a gym every morning! 

One morning when she came, she found me reading the Bible and told me that she would like to read it as well. So I bought a Bible, gave it to her, and asked if she wanted us to read together. To my surprise, the next day she arrived at 6:30 am to read the Bible with me and then to exercise!

That same week as we were reading the Bible I had the opportunity to ask if she would like to believe in Jesus as her Lord and Savior and she immediately said, “Yes! I do want that!”

It has been wonderful to see how she has started to change! She has told me how different she feels since making this decision. For example, she is no longer afraid of being alone in the dark and no longer feels the anger that she says, she always felt before.

Anu was born in the highest and most privileged caste of Hinduism, the Brahmins, but still in her heart there was a void that only Jesus could fill. Please pray for her that God will continue to reveal Himself as the only true God. Pray that she can continue to grow in the knowledge of Him. There are many things she needs to learn and change from her religious traditions (such as the other day did not want to touch her ​​Bible because she was in her menstrual period). It will be a long process but I’m more than happy to accompany her during it!

-L. N.