Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund


We have all been moved by the tragic events in Turkey and Syria resulting from the earthquakes of February 6th, 2023.

Another disaster, this time natural, affects an area of the world that has seen so much civil war and inter-community strife. Many lives have been lost, many homes destroyed, and many will be needing shelter.

World Horizons has a long history of service to the church in Turkey. We have partners in several locations and know the local church and its members in areas most affected by these events. The local believers know what they are doing, they have lived through many an earthquake in this geologically unstable land.

The testimony from past earthquakes is that the Church, has been seen as a vital first responder, and has increased its outreach and witness through sad situations like this. Accordingly, we are establishing a fund to provide resources for Turkish believers who, in Jesus’ name, will be ministering practically to those in need, and supporting the local congregations.

Your gifts may be sent to World Horizons USA through the following link and using the account number 20559 - Turkish Earthquake Relief Fund. Thank you.